Embark Creative Platform

Project focused fully on user-created content, and enabling players to build their own worlds and interactive experiences.

No official announcements have been made regarding the creative platform but Tomasz Stachowiak wrote a blog post around rendering which also talks about the part I work on! Here is a extract from it:

Great visuals for everyone

Of course, there’s a big difference between a prototype and something usable in the real world. For the renderer to be useful in production, it needs to run on devices without ray-tracing features, and support numerous gameplay-specific features. That has been an ongoing effort by Henrik Rydgård, Viktor Zoutman, and Gray Olson on our platform rendering team.

The production renderer uses a lot of code from kajiya, with extensions for limited transparency, animation, dynamic mesh modification, and more. It even supports window resizing.

Putting real-time global illumination into the hands of our users and developers has been transformative. Anyone can create great-looking content by simply moving objects around. Worlds cobbled together by quickly kitbashing can feel solid and cohesive. Models with quite different styles fit well together, encouraging creative experimentation.

For now, we’re keeping the production renderer closed-source, but we will continue to share code and cross-pollinate ideas with kajiya and the larger open source Rust graphics ecosystem. If you are an experienced graphics programmer, and being part of this sounds like fun, we might have a job just for you.


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