Road Rage

The game


Race, fight, and hustle your way through the ranks of the most insane outlaw motorcycle gang in town! You are Ace, the newest recruit with two goals in mind: earn money and ride fast. In a world where last place isn’t an option, your bike is the key to keeping you alive.

Key features

Extensive Gameplay Variety. Play 42 story-driven missions and 56 additional side missions ranging from delivery and escort jobs to combat races to all-out gang brawls!

Road Rage is now available for the PC, XBox One and PS4. This is the steam page.

My work

I worked on this game for about 3 months after another project got cancelled. I mainly worked on gameplay features like the mission logic, Several iterations of the mini map and things related to UI/UX, bug fixing and the E3 demo.

I learned a lot about how small companies like Team6 operate, How working with publishers works related to deadlines and the E3 demo for example. I also got to interview a programmer for a job opening related to Road Rage which was very interesting. Especially when discussing the candidate with the lead developer afterwards I learned a lot about the reviewing process.

Even though the game was not well received by reviewers and gamers I am still proud of it.