Wisp Renderer

Wisp is a general purpose high level rendering library. Specially made for real time raytracing with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. Made by a group of students from Breda University of Applied Sciences specializing in graphics programming.

This renderer integrates with Autodesk Maya to replace its viewport with a real time raytraced viewport. The plugin is available here.



We got listed by NVIDIA in their worlds top 40 3D applications with RTX integration!

Check it out here!

My Work

I wrote the core of the renderer, raytracing backend, deferred renderer, HBAO+, Ansel integration, path traced pipeline, global illumination and raytracing mip level generation. As the technology a big part of my job was to fix bugs, work on optimizations and make decisions on how features should be implemented.

As a tech lead I also made sure the code was of a good quality by doing regular code reviews and that team was working efficiently.